Green Smoothie “You Pick”

I love green smoothies! I actually like them better than just fruit smoothies. Well, I think a combination of both fruits and greens is perfect. When I shared with my friends that I was starting  a 40 day challenge, they started asking me for smoothie recipes. I really don't have a specific one because I … Continue reading Green Smoothie “You Pick”

40 Day V Happy Challenge

Hello everyone! I wanted to challenge myself just like I did back when I turned 40 and decided to do a "Vegan Year". This time is a little different. I will be tackling both the spiritual and physical state in me. I have decided to do a 40 day V Happy Challenge starting June 1st! … Continue reading 40 Day V Happy Challenge

The Happy Salad

I have called this salad "The Happy Salad" because every time I make it my daughters say, "Yay!" They get happy about it. It is so easy to make that I should call it "The Fast Salad". Ingredients: 1 can of corn 1 can of black olives, chopped 30 cherry tomatoes, chopped 2 heads of romaine … Continue reading The Happy Salad